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  1. Layout is great – really like the skills section. Professional summary says 10+ years experience but work experience only goes back to five years – is there a second page?


    1. twbruhn says:

      Good catch, there is a 2nd page in my word doc, but I didn’t publish it because so many have advised keeping a resume to one page. I guess since it’s a webpage, it won’t hurt to throw up all the experience.


  2. I don’t cotton to the one page deal – but it does take a good first page to make me want to read the second 😉


    1. twbruhn says:

      Well now it’s two pages. Prior to WB my career doesn’t reflect the tech stuff – I was doing more client facing implementation stuff and project coordination work. Prior to *that* I was doing more black box testing, but it’s SO OLD NOW.


  3. Tim, include a link to a downloadable version that can be printed out. I know this is useful, because I’m about to email you to ask for a downloadable version that I can circulate inside my company.


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