Maison De Bruhn


We bought a new house in East Tacoma. It’s a 4 bedroom, 3 bath place. It’s in a planned community put together by DH Horton.

One of my favorite things is that after paying a not too bad HOA, the grounds are maintained.  
   See the sign that says “Sales Office”? This house was the model home, the one that they’d show prospective buyers, so as such it had additional amenities.

  This room is what I’ve deemed “The Office”, I imagine this is where I’ll be doing the All Comics Considered podcast. I also like making this the game room, so Xbox will live here.

  All bedrooms are upstairs, and this is the full upstairs bath.

  This will be Sharon’s crafting room/guest bedroom.

img_6120Here’s a shot of the kitchen and dining area, somewhat smaller than what we’re used to, a “one-butt kitchen”, but certainly functional.

 This will be Danny’s bedroom until he spreads his wings, then I imagine a fully dedicated guest room.

img_6121 This is the living room, that table and the signs will obviously be gone by the time we move in at the end of April.

Master bedroom. We need to buy lamps since, strangely, there is no overhead lighting.

 Bathroom off of master bedroom, it’s nice!

And the walk in closet.

One of things I was going to miss from our rental was the central air, that kept us comfortable in 90 degree summers. Nah we good on that too!

Everything about this place is right: the additional lighting, the manageably sized lawn, the inline water heater, the closeby park, the additional security by both police and tribal police patrols, it’s sublime.

Oh as for commute? Train into Seattle: 45 minutes – same as bussing from Kirkland. Price? $259k, you can’t get a a shack for that in Seattle!


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  2. Erik says:

    Congrats, welcome to T-Town, the City of Destiny, Grit City.


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